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Assertive walk - what is an assertive walk and can we train it?

Date: December 21, 2019 Author: James Categories: Latest

We are all unique and special right? Well yes! Of course we are!  There is a lot about each and every human being that differentiates them from everyone else. Our physical makeup contains a good number of these unique qualities.  A fingerprint is the quintessential unique physical identifier. The pattern of the...

Foam Rolling vs. stretching - impact on strength and power.

Date: October 31, 2019 Author: James Categories: Latest

Foam rolling – Is it useful? Foam rolling is a technique with which, at the time of writing this (it’s 2020), almost anyone interested in reading this physiotherapy blog would be familiar. Foam rolling involves the use of your body weight over a foam (or at least a foam covered) cylinder to mash your tissues...

Why Does the Pinky Side of my Wrist Hurt?

Date: September 26, 2019 Author: James Categories: Latest

What’s the deal with my pinky side wrist pain?  There are lots of different ways that wrist function can go sideways, but if you’ve ever experienced ulnar sided wrist pain that onset from a sporting injury.... Well, woweee… you know what a unique doozy of a pain it can be!   What is it? The ulnar fovea...

Why does my arm go numb when I reach overhead? Thoracic outlet syndrome considerations.

Date: April 30, 2019 Author: James Categories: Latest

As you would probably intuitively guess, many sports have typical patterns of injury. For example, distance runners commonly complain of plantar fascia, achilles tendon and hamstring strains, while basketball players tend toward patellar tendinopathy (jumpers knee) and lateral ankle sprains.   For athletes in...

Squat Depth: Does Deep Squatting Damage my Knee?

Date: March 13, 2019 Author: James Categories: Latest

Squatting is a freaking wonderful strength training exercise. Let’s start from there why don’t we? Squatting involves the coordinated action of a boatload of muscle groups surrounding the hip, knee ankle, and core - so it provides a huge bang-for-buck in terms of body wide gains in strength and muscle mass....

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