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Seconds from the Bedford exit of St. George Subway station. Green P parking on site (off Bedford Rd.)

208 Bloor St. West unit 901
Toronto, ON
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Tel: (416) 270 4066
Email: james@yorkvillephysiotherapy.com

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Our eBook, The Foundational Movements is an easy to read, evidence based primer on the basics of beautiful posture, strong walking patterns and fundamental calisthenic strength training. The book is great for all of us who want to avoid common posture faults (and related pain), look better, and move beautifully. It's also a resource that anyone can use as a kickstart for a home based workout. We are proud of it and are sure there is a lot of value here for you!

physiotherapy, posture and foundational movementsFig 1 - A few pages from the Foundational Movements eBook!


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